No Magic Pill
Written by The Lassie - June 2, 2011

In between all the chaos and stress, Sweet Pea has chosen to snuggle into my womb. I am now at 13+2¬† – the estimated due date is December 6. We are very, very happy! Unfortunately, I am also very, very nauseous. I have been incredibly badly hit by migraines and also throw up a lot. Considering I suffered all that until I was seven months along with our Bean, I don’t have much hope of feeling better anytime soon. Yesterday’s scan of our Pea’s nuchal fold reassured us that everything is fine so far. My next big scan will be on August 1st, but before that, I will see my regular OB-GYN, of course. There are a lot of thoughts and worries that swirl around in my head whenever I think back to our Bean’s birth and wonder if and how all of that will apply to Sweet Pea’s birth. Just now, though, I am in too much pain and feel too exhausted to deal with any of that. While I am working today, the Lad is at the Zoo with our Bean – among other things, he’s taking pictures of her in her ‘Big Sister’ T-Shirt. Using that, I’ll make a card for my Dad to reveal the news. He won’t be thrilled, but we know what to expect, so I guess that makes things easier. My sister, however, has behaved so absolutely terribly over the last little while, that I will let my Dad decide whether he wants to tell her or not. Now I shall go and rest my head in a bucket of ice.

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  1. Audrey says:


  2. isabelle says:

    Oh wow, how very exciting! I do hope you feel better soon, though.

  3. WOW Congratulations, I was just saying I missed you two.

  4. Kris says:

    Gah! Apologies for not seeing this sooner and offering up a big old SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Congratulations and hugely massive enormously gigantic HUGS, my sweet friend!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

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