Why, Hello There!

How very nice of you to frequent our humble webspace. We, the Lad, the Lass and the Munchkin are a bilingual family of three, currently dwelling in Berlin, Germany.

Our story began in the year 2004, involving the new-fangled technology called the Internets. The Lass, a German country girl very terribly obsessed with Scotland after too much Braveheart and a few trips to Edinburgh and the Highlands, lurked around in a Scottish online chatroom, until she met the Lad and promptly typed in love with him and his Scottish charm.

After a time of terrible longing and obscene amounts of money thrown at phone companies and major airlines travelling back and forth beetween Edinburgh and Berlin, the Lad in 2005 finally decided to quit his country in order to be united with the Lass in Berlin.

Starting out as Weight Loss bloggers, the focus of our blog shifted when our Munchkin was born in May 2008. Since then, our posts have become more about parenting and life in general rather than centering solely on our initial starting point – which is still a major concern for us, perhaps now more than ever.

In any case, we are happy to see you here! Your thoughts and comments are most appreciated – feel free to drop us a line at nomagicpill@gmail.com or just use our comment system.